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Kurt Dog’s Latest Album Packs A Punch With New Sounds And Relatable Lyrics That Are Sharp Witted

SUMMARY: Released on February 7, 2023, the latest full-length album from rapper Kurt Dog titled “Smoke and Mirrors” features rapper Otherwize and showcases each artist’s evolution. The album contains nine tracks that are lyrically sound, and rich with musically diverse beats. Containing elements of R&B and classic hip hop while breaching the more modern hardcore rap variation of the genres, Kurt Dog uses his many influences and life experiences to paint a vivid picture of what life in the rap industry is like. At the heart of the record are clever vocal styles and meaningful lyrics alongside crisp beats and unique production tactics. The end result is perhaps one of his best albums to date, and a glimpse into what makes the artists tick.

Perhaps what makes the music of Kurt Dog so unique is his ability to [Read more…]

Promoting Peace, Love And Well-being, The Music Of Charles Langford Showcases His Roots In Jazz And Ability To Build Upon The Legacy Of Jazz Greats

SUMMARY: Smooth and sophisticated, the music of Charles Langford is the product of a life dedicated to a love for jazz and uplifting listeners. For decades, Langford has been embedded in both his local and the international jazz scene in the United States. His latest single “For Ellyse” will be released on February 10th and will be part of Langford’s new album and a focal point for his upcoming US tour.

Born in Texarkana and moving to Massachusetts, Charles Langford began listening to jazz at a young age with his father who taught him how to differentiate the jazz greats of the time. This also helped to build his appreciation for the genre. As a teenager, he began writing songs and playing jazz sax, which allowed him to be a part of the local jazz scene and work with some of the greatest names [Read more…]

Gospel Singer Michelle Miller Bell Releases Powerful New Album While Sharing Her Message Of Faith

SUMMARY: The latest collection of live and recorded music from Gospel/R&B singer Michelle Miller Bell was crafted for general audiences with songs of joy and worship. Featuring both recorded and live tracks, “Concert Songs – Volume 1” is a collection of some of Bell’s most stunning performances and songs dedicated to her strong faith in God. Contained in her music is a strong message of faith bolstered by her devout Christian upbringing and involvement in her church community.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Michelle Miller Bell grew up in a Christian home. At age 12, she discovered her joy and ability for singing, where she was invited to sing at her elementary school graduation. She then moved onto playing drums and singing in her local church, focusing on songs of worship [Read more…]

Terrence Day Releases Music Video Based In Greenville, SC

Filmed in upstate South Carolina in the city of Greenville, the new music video for local artist Terrence Day was released for local and worldwide viewers. The song “I Can’t Tell You” features guitarist Desi Serna, bassist Jim Schwartzentruber, and drummer J.R. Le Mon Bey, with Terrence Day on vocals and acoustic guitar.  “I have been blessed to be able to record this song with great musicians who performed on this track”, said Terrence. The music video features several places where Terrence has performed in Greenville. This includes footage from Reid’s Fine Foods, Gather GVL, Roost, The Commons, Oak & Honey, and other local restaurants and bars in Greenville.

With the music scene in Greenville, SC being well known throughout the country, this music video [Read more…]

New Album “Katastrophic” By Kurt Dog Brings Some Of His Most Creative Works To Date

SUMMARY: A unique blend of edgy and melodic, Kurt Dog has a unique lyrical style and vocal content that blends well with his knowledge of production. Based on life experiences, his music delivers a strong message of introspection and encouragement to create a relatable listening environment. His new album “Katastrophic” brilliantly showcases Kurt Dog’s lyrical content and honest approach to sharing life experiences.

Having written songs for the past few decades, Kurt Dog has experienced numerous trials and tribulations all which lend to his unique perspective and eclectic style of music. Having worked with several Grammy nominated producers throughout the years, he has been allowed to fine tune his craft and receive input from some of the most brilliant [Read more…]

Innovative Musician And Producer George A. Johnson Jr. Has Released A Brand New Double Album

SUMMARY: The double CD “Indomitable Spirit The Water Tiger” and “Sweet Sweet Wine” is the latest release from songwriter, composer, and producer George A. Johnson Jr. Draws much of his inspiration from his top influences, George A. Johnson Jr. features original compositions as well as the work of numerous instrumentalists at the top of their field. The end result is an eclectic mix of jazz, classical and rock that instills a sense of comfort in the listener with its complex melodies and carefully orchestrated flow.

Having studied the works of the great musicians of past and present and having worked with jazz and rock legends from around the world, George A. Johnson Jr. is a well studied and well traveled self proclaimed student of music. From a young age, growing up in Bridgeton, NJ [Read more…]

Multi-Instrumentalist James A. Norkawich Creates His Unique Brand Of Classical Crossover Music

SUMMARY: Jazz pianist and composer James A. Norkawich brings his own diverse musical background to the mainstream with a new music genre referred to as “Classical Crossover”. By covering modern songs and using classically trained artists to craft unique arrangements, Norkawich blends old and new in brilliant fashion. He provides what he describes as musical clarity and the development for expression and interpretation. His latest track “Who Wants to Live Forever” features classically trained vocalist Tyrone Piper.

Multi-instrumentalist James A. Norkawich hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut and comes from [Read more…]

Amii Stewart Releases Brand New Single And Music Video On ProtoStar Records

1970s Disco Queen partners with ProtoStar Records, a division of Red Giant Rights Group, LLC, launches her brand-new Single and Music Video for an original song called “Perfectly Beautiful”. (May 6th, 2022) – Platinum-selling, Disco icon Amii Stewart – most identified with US Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit in 1979 called “Knock On Wood” – shares the result of a personal journey taking ownership of her identity.

“When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
“The ‘Perfectly Beautiful’ to me!”

Amii Stewart’s new song is an anthem of empowerment and self-acceptance, and a reminder that [Read more…]

First Album Of Maëla Raoult Is available On Spotify, YouTube And All Digital Platforms

Avalon (Isle of apple trees in Celt) is known to be the place where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged. It’s the Island where the King was taken, welcomed and treated by the enchantress Morgan to recover from being gravely wounded at the Battle of Camlann. It’s also a song written by Al Jolson, Vincent Rose & Buddy Desylva. For this first album, Maëla arranged famous jazz standards and unconditional instrumentals like Beautiful Love, Oleo, Sing Sing Sing, Have you met miss Jones and The blue Room. You’ll be able to recognize an inimitable classical sound and tinkling phrasing on the clarinet and bass clarinet. Her improvisations and arrangements are as well influenced by must-see Jazz greats, indispensable classical soloists and contemporary music creators.

Born in Brest in 1990 [Read more…]

Hooyoosay Creates A New Album As A Collaborative Effort By Anonymous Musicians

SUMMARY: “At the end of the day” is the latest release from hooyoosay, a music collaborative that implements the unique idea of keeping musicians anonymous and provides them with a professional commercial studio. What began as a few musicians wanting to remain anonymous while still being able to release the music has grown into a larger endeavor with many artists joining from a variety of genres. “At the end of the day” is the ideal representation of hooyoosay, giving listeners well-crafted covers as well as original pieces that range from electronic to acoustic, happy to sad.

Hooyoosay, like many of the best ideas happened by pure coincidence when four studio musicians got caught up waiting around, and decided to play Rolling Stones covers to pass the time. When they [Read more…]

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