Hooyoosay Creates A New Album As A Collaborative Effort By Anonymous Musicians

SUMMARY: “At the end of the day” is the latest release from hooyoosay, a music collaborative that implements the unique idea of keeping musicians anonymous and provides them with a professional commercial studio. What began as a few musicians wanting to remain anonymous while still being able to release the music has grown into a larger endeavor with many artists joining from a variety of genres. “At the end of the day” is the ideal representation of hooyoosay, giving listeners well-crafted covers as well as original pieces that range from electronic to acoustic, happy to sad.

Hooyoosay, like many of the best ideas happened by pure coincidence when four studio musicians got caught up waiting around, and decided to play Rolling Stones covers to pass the time. When they heard the recordings, they found them too good to let go. They then decided to finalize them for release. Some of the musicians had various reasons to stay anonymous, and so they decided that none of them would be credited. “At the end of the day” is the latest release from what is now a collective of musicians built on the same idea of uncredited music, and has both cover songs and originals from the original hooyoosay artists.

Over the course of a decade, hooyoosay has added several collaborators to their project spanning all genres while leaving the who-where-when questions unanswered. “At the end of the day” provides a great representation of the effort over time, once again offering Rolling Stones covers, except this time they’ve been done on purpose rather than by sheer coincidence. With the new covers as well as the eight original tracks, “At the end of the day” represents hooyoosay both in broad strokes as well as highlighting the sound and emotional vibe that the project aims for.

In keeping with the idea of anonymous contributors, hooyoosay doesn’t perform live, but they continue to write music and add to their growing collective. “At the end of the day” can be found on most music streaming sites and can also be found on the official hooyoosay website. For more information on the release as well as upcoming hooyoosay releases, check them on Twitter and follow them at http://twitter.com/hooyoosay.