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We specialize in writing and distributing press releases world-wide for artists, bands, and record labels.

All music styles are welcome, and your press release can talk about your single, EP, or full album release, music video, new band, upcoming event, web site, or other announcement.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: For immediate and long-term results!

– Our professional staff will write and edit your complete “Featured” Album Press Release to your satisfaction (Value $175)

– Submissions online for long-term inclusion onto top news sites, with a minimum of 260+ press release publishing sites in total, with full distribution report (Value $150)

– Submissions for inclusion on Google News, and Bing News with SEO results (Value $100)

– Submissions to over 2,000 media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, and more. (Value $100)

– Submissions to popular search engines, and directories online (Value $50)

– Music Industry Database with 9000+ contacts including radio stations and magazines, with contact names, company names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emails (Value $50)

PLUS +: You will receive your own personal copy of “Maximum Impact Social Media Tactics”. This Ebook helps you create your own Social Media Campaign for growth on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more ($10 Value) And “Musician Travel Secrets” showing you true secrets how you can travel like a rock star on a starving artist budget. ($5 Value)

That’s A TOTAL VALUE Of $640.

Your links (Facebook link, etc.) will be included in your “Featured” Album Press Release. This gives you valuable backlinks, better search engine ranking, and ultimately more traffic! Drive additional traffic to your Facebook, or other web site, and allow new fans to discover your music, while reaching a massive audience.

Include (embed) your music video in your press release for the world to watch. Your video will be playable directly on your press release. Imagine your video on hundreds of press release sites! This means more places for your video to be seen, and ultimately more plays.

Include your Photo for the world to see. Make an impression with your photo, album cover, or other image.

The cost for a press release and promotional work of this magnitude could run over 2x times as much. Just hiring a PR company to only write a press release for you could easily cost more than the amount of our entire service.

Total Cost for Your Written and Distributed “Featured” Album Press Release – Only $169

Optional: Get an Eblast to 250,000+ recipients to bring even more traffic to your press release (Value $100). Include your press release headline and link posted through our social media Big Blast (Value $100). Boost your distribution to include submissions to 10,000 media outlets world-wide (Value $75). These options are all included with the Enterprise package РAdd Only $80

If your press release is already written and ready to distribute, you can sign up for our Distribution Only Package for only $99.

How many hours of work do you imagine you will save when you use our services? Perhaps 16 hours, or multiple days of work? Let our talented staff get busy working on your press release, getting it done right, plus doing all of the promotional work and submission work for you from start to finish.

Right now you can sign up for your “Featured” Album Press Release slot instantly and save big, when you take advantage of this great offer. Once again, we would look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please visit our Questions and Answers page. Feel free to get in touch with a real human being at (586) 480-3000 (USA and Canada) or dial +01.586.480.3000 for all other countries.


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