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Caesar Roosevelt Releases Latest Album “Lonely Hours”

Lonely Hours’ is the debut album from singer-songwriter Caesar Roosevelt. Delivering a vintage pop
sound, this 13 track album is a masterclass of emotional expression and an artistic exploration of the self. These songs explore the feelings Caesar had and still has for his first person, whom he tragically lost to suicide. Caesar Roosevelt describes the writing and recording process as very intense, as he sang about toxic relationships and his own sexual exploration. Also a healing process, ‘Lonely Hours’ leaves everything on the table and is an example of authentic and free self-expression. Produced by Emiliano Di Fiori and engineered by Dan Kjellberg, ‘Lonely Hours’ is a strong debut album from this emerging artist.

Based in Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, Sangam Kumar Tirkey [Read more…]

New Detroit Band, The Vig Arcadia, On The Rise With New Song Release “Walk Away”

SUMMARY: Familiar, yet completely individual, the music of The Vig Arcadia is an electric and groovy blend of genres. Their music evokes nostalgia giving you Deja Vu of a musical experience you’ve longed to have. Between their emotionally fluent lyrics and their irresistible beats, The Vig Arcadia’s music leaves you feeling like the best version of yourself. Their latest single “Walk Away” represents that moment when listeners are ready to stop abandoning themselves, and take back the power within their relationships. The song will also include a music video set to be released the following week on March 26, 2022.

Created and born in Metro Detroit during the height of the pandemic, The Vig Arcadia is a collective of musicians with diverse backgrounds that came together despite the world being shut down. Their [Read more…]

MTStreets’ Service Dog Disappears Showcasing the Rise of French Bulldog Burglaries

SUMMARY: MTStreets’ worst fear came true at 7:23 AM on February 6th when Stitch, his two-year-old French Bulldog, ran to a corner of the fenced-in backyard in Solana Beach, California. Stitch had just eaten breakfast and was alone, running around and playing in the enclosed backyard of his gated community. Security footage shows him being alerted by something or someone. He ran to a corner that didn’t have a camera and never came back. Stitch was gone.

French Bulldog thefts are on the rise across the country. Last year, Lady Gaga’s Frenchies, Koji and Gustav, were violently stolen from her dog walker. This year, there are daily news reports of French bulldog-nappings, and the police know why. French Bulldogs are smart, cute, relatively small and [Read more…]

MTStreets Delivers A Fresh Sound While Touching On The Topic Of Broken Relationships On New Single “Highway To Hell”

SUMMARY: Following his debut and follow up albums released in 2020 and 2021, MTStreets has since been fine-tuning his music and working with producers to create a series of singles including “Highway To Hell” ft. NovaBlisto. The track touches on several themes including, broken relationships and needing help in general, making it very relatable and one of his most dynamic tracks yet. The release date is on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Mark Thomas Rhodes, a.k.a. MTStreets, began his music career at age 18, with piano being his primary instrument. He received critical acclaim with his introspective music that encompasses a range of genres ranging from pop, hip hop, and R&B. Using introspective lyrics atop a wall of complex sound, his first official album was “Open Thoughts” in 2020 which garnered [Read more…]

Aaron Ferguson’s Extensive Catalog Of Music Is Available On His Label, Sunshine Records

SUMMARY: Aaron Ferguson began crafting his own form of organic rock music complete with uplifting lyrics and an overall positive vibe. He started playing music at a young age and experienced many career setbacks as he accepted God into his life 1995. In recent years, he created his label Sunshine Records to showcase great music for music fans worldwide.

Aaron Ferguson represents a wide variety of individuals realizing the pros and cons of DIY music, he wrote his first song on piano at 9 and grew up listening to an eclectic array of music ranging from rock, country, American folk, marching band and even the occasional music soundtrack. All these influences prepared him for discovering the Grateful Dead in 1987, which prompted him to [Read more…]

Low Gear Signs To WormHoleDeath Records

SUMMARY: WormHoleDeath Records announced a new partnership with American heavy metal artists Low Gear. WormHoleDeath Records is distributed worldwide by Aural Music Group. Warner / Chappell Music administers its publishing division. Digital distribution / marketing is managed by The Orchard Inc. (Sony Music). Low Gear will be releasing their new album “Siktunes Redux” with WormHoleDeath Records in April 2022.

Switching between loud, explosive metal to progressive instrumentation, Low Gear provides listeners with a unique take on the metal genre. The band uses its instrumentation and timed rhetoric to create a certain mood that combines with groove metal elements present throughout. Siktunes Redux is [Read more…]

Singer/Songwriter Madi Simmons Features A Blend Of Classic Reggae Beats And Singing With The Smooth Tempo Of R&B

SUBJECT: Influencers including Peter Tosh, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and Smokey Robinson are the backdrop for multi-instrumentalist Madi Simmons to share his unique understanding of art and the importance of living in harmony. His latest album “Music is my Love” brilliantly captures his progression as a classically influenced reggae artist with modern views and life experience. The culmination of a touring career spanning over 20 years, contained in the album are songs spanning numerous universal subjects while inspiring hope and inner peace throughout.

Combining gospel with conventional reggae, Madi Simmons spans a wide range of talents and gives his listeners a sense of nostalgia and inner calm [Read more…]

Opera Singer Anna Azerli Provides A Unique Glimpse Into A Range Of Cultures On Her Album “Come And Get It”

SUMMARY: New Zealand born singer/songwriter Anna Azerli showcases her unique singing talents and wide range of cultural experiences on “Come And Get It”. The new album is her strongest release to date and gives a somber, yet energetic view of the world around us. It provides the perfect backdrop to a world landscape that is quite bleak at times but still full of light and hope in the eyes of many.

Originally from New Zealand but living in Germany for many of her formative years following the death of her parents, Anna Azerli began studying at the Accademia Teatro all Scala. During this time, she showed great aptitude for opera singing. Azerli went through one of the world’s leading opera training programs followed by her first live performance at the La Scala, a world-renowned opera [Read more…]

Blending Hip Hop, R&B And Pop, Singer/Songwriter Adam Alyan Releases “Love. Thyself” Under His Own Label X22 Sound

SUMMARY: Combining polished pop sensibilities and honest songwriting, “Love. Thyself”, the latest release from Adam Alyan features polished vocals and infectious beats. The Brooklyn based musician used his recording experience and his work in his own music studio, X22 Sound to create an album that is unique to him and highlights his unique abilities in front of and behind the recording software.

Hailing from Brooklyn and spending a lot of time recording in California, Adam Alyan is a recording artist and R&B singer who gives listeners a glimpse into his unique life experiences. As a singer and sound engineer for X22 Sound and Flame Elevation, a developmental service company, Alyan has familiarized himself with the recording process. This includes having studied [Read more…]

The Phil Mitchell Band Features Classical, Post Rock, R&B And A Slew Of Other Genres On “Chicago Holiday”

SUMMARY: “Chicago Holiday” is the latest release from music collective Phil Mitchell Band. The album showcases a number of talented vocalists from around the world including Elena Ravelli, Ursula Gerstbach and Patrick McGuire, Tamara Pereir and Natasha Shayenne . Each artist ads their unique style to create an eclectic release sure to inspire and entertain. Featuring guitarist Alvaro Soto on lead guitar and Brian Gosker on drums, the rock foundation behind the haunting vocals provides a backdrop for a variety of lyrical content ranging from tragic to jubilant.

Released on October 26th, 2021, “Chicago Holiday”, is the 5th studio album of Chicago/Europe based music collective Phil Mitchell Band. Showcasing a variety of [Read more…]

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