New Album “Katastrophic” By Kurt Dog Brings Some Of His Most Creative Works To Date

SUMMARY: A unique blend of edgy and melodic, Kurt Dog has a unique lyrical style and vocal content that blends well with his knowledge of production. Based on life experiences, his music delivers a strong message of introspection and encouragement to create a relatable listening environment. His new album “Katastrophic” brilliantly showcases Kurt Dog’s lyrical content and honest approach to sharing life experiences.

Having written songs for the past few decades, Kurt Dog has experienced numerous trials and tribulations all which lend to his unique perspective and eclectic style of music. Having worked with several Grammy nominated producers throughout the years, he has been allowed to fine tune his craft and receive input from some of the most brilliant minds in the indie hip hop realm.

Providing listeners with insight into the hurdles he’s overcome, Kurt Dog’s newest album “Katastrophic” features intelligent lyrical content and complex melodies backed by polished, yet semi-raw produced beats that appeals both to fans of highly engineered music as well as DIY mentality. His new album represents the perfect blend of old and new, polish and grit, to create his new album. The tracks challenge the conventions of modern hip hop and provides a glimpse into one individual’s journey through the modern music landscape.

The album focuses heavily on the experiences that led Kurt Dog to the modern day, a canvas of personal experience, but more importantly the obstacles that were overcome in order to get him where he is today. Being the sole investor in his music, he has built his name and his studio from scratch, allowing him to have a great deal of confidence in his work and translating that to music that resonates with listeners. A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, the confidence shines throughout “Katastrophic” and provides messaging that comes across as undeniably authentic.

Recorded at Pyroflow Music Studios, “Katastrophic” uses Pro Tools and beats created on Fruity Loops by Looa Beats. The album has a polished and high-tech feel, and when juxtaposed with the raw edginess and unapologetic realness of the lyrical content and flow, gives listeners something that they can’t help but pay attention to. The near future for Kurt Dog will include not only promoting his new album through radio and television, but also gearing up for live events. The current single from Kurt Dog featuring Sticky Fingaz from legendary hip hop group ONYX is currently available for preview and will give fans a glimpse into Kurt Dog’s creative process and give a taste of what to expect from “Katastrophic”. Also be sure to check out the past releases and collaborations from Kurt Dog and his many musical allies at Pyroflow music.