Innovative Musician And Producer George A. Johnson Jr. Has Released A Brand New Double Album

SUMMARY: The double CD “Indomitable Spirit The Water Tiger” and “Sweet Sweet Wine” is the latest release from songwriter, composer, and producer George A. Johnson Jr. Draws much of his inspiration from his top influences, George A. Johnson Jr. features original compositions as well as the work of numerous instrumentalists at the top of their field. The end result is an eclectic mix of jazz, classical and rock that instills a sense of comfort in the listener with its complex melodies and carefully orchestrated flow.

Having studied the works of the great musicians of past and present and having worked with jazz and rock legends from around the world, George A. Johnson Jr. is a well studied and well traveled self proclaimed student of music. From a young age, growing up in Bridgeton, NJ in the sixties, Johnson began playing the drums at age five before going onto play professionally for the Atlantic City music scene at age 12. Mentored directly by some of the most notable drummers of the time including Elvin Jones and Art Blakey, Johnson has played with countless jazz legends throughout the years, too many to name, before finally settling into his current role as a producer and composer.

Released on June 16, 2022 the double album “Indomitable Spirit The Water Tiger” and “Sweet Sweet Wine” features Johnson as the primary songwriter and conductor. He also played various instruments on each album and contributed a bulk of the vocals for “Sweet Sweet Wine”. Highlighting his many talents and eclectic knowledge of various genres, the album is a stunning work of composition with plenty of pop, rock and classical appeal. Spanning nearly an hour in total runtime, the home-produced album has plenty of heart and an organic sound that captures just how much Jonson admires the art of music and how long he has been perfecting his craft. From organizing the sheet music to singing and playing instruments, his contributions offer a unique style to the world of modern jazz.

Staying busy throughout the year, Johnson has been appearing at numerous venues including concerts and wineries. Currently available on Apple Music as well as his official website, “Indomitable Spirit, The Water Tiger” and “Sweet Sweet Wine” represent some of Johnsons most involved works yet and provide an outstanding expectation of future releases. For more information on the album and the traveled career of George A Johnson Jr. check out iTunes, Spotify the forementioned Apple Music and virtually any other digital streaming service. Listeners can also learn more at the official George A. Johnson Jr. Website at