Liam Golder Of Silent Machines Reaches Out To Millions Of Fans Bringing His Songs About Life

SUMMARY: Liam Golder, who is the unique creator of the exciting rock act Silent Machines has been inspiring others through his music throughout his music career. Golders music covers many genres from Rock, to Alternative, to Electronic music.

Recording Artist Liam Golder has been influenced by the likes of Coldplay, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and Pink Floyd. He has enjoyed much success on radio and TV while promoting his music through his own company Song Heroes Music PR. While reaching out to the music masses, he also helps promote other musicians with aspirations to reach a wider audience globally.

Over the years has worked and written songs with many top names and has enjoyed fame on a grand scale while reaching millions of music fans online. Golder’s songs “A Thousand Stars”, “Oblivion”, “Airtight”, and “Ambition” are among the many that have proved popular among his music fans and new listeners. The songs talk about life, death, success, struggle and other topics especially related to life.

Golder’s music is available through a wide variety of music outlets including iTunes (, Amazon, and CD Baby. His music can also be found on Spotify. For more information about Liam Golder, and his music, check out his music videos on his YouTube channel at and stay up to date on Twitter at

Check out the Silent Machines track “A Thousand Stars”: